Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Students

I work in a very transient school that in any given school year we have at least 100 new students entering throughout the entire school year.  How in the world do you build relationships with all of the students you might ask? If you are in a similar situation, below are some helpful tips for building relationships.

1. In August prior to the start of the school year I have a new student orientation.  All of the parents and students that enroll in June, July, and early August are invited to attend.  The program lasts an hour and consists of a description of our PBIS program, important information about policies regarding attendance and discipline, and an overview of the school counseling program.  We conclude the orientation with a tour of the school.  On average about 20 families come to this event. 

2. I identify all of the new stduents in grades 1st to 5th and during the month of September I have a lunch bunch with the students by grade level.   During that time I read the students the book called the New Kid on the Block and the students create a profile about themselves that is displayed on a bulletin board.  I take all of the new students pictures and that is displayed on the bulletin board along side their profile.

3.  The secretary informs me whenever a new student enrolls and within the first week I try to formally introduce myself to the student and have a lunch bunch with the student.

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