Friday, October 18, 2013

Vision Boards

After returning from the ASCA conference I decided to try out my vision board guidance lesson with fifth grade.  I spent time over the summer cutting out lots of pictures so that I can have pictures precut to save time during the lesson.  I cut out pictures of pets, houses, cars, families, people and careers, travel destinations, words of affirmation, and letters.  This lesson took two thrity minute class periods to complete.
Day One:
I went into the classroom an dhad students distinguish between goals and wishes.  I then did visual imagery with the students in which they closed their eyes and imagined what life would be like at the age of 30.  I had students focus on friends, family, life goals, and career.  The students had to then find pictures that related to their future vision.
Day Two:
Students glued down there pictures and then wrote about their vision board.  I learned a lot about the students through the vision board.  I used the vision board to help them determine the magnet school choice for middle school based on teh vision board.  Some studenst illustrated pictures and wrote about things that concerned me and I was able to have a personal conversation with the students to address the issues.  Looking back on this lesson, I only wish that I had started doing vision boads with students sooner.

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