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As the only school counselor in an elementary school, I miss the collaborative planning with collegues as I once had as a teacher.  I look for ideas from other school counselors becuase after being a counselor for several years, I feel like I need fresh ideas to keep my program running.  Some of the ideas that I get I adjust based on the needs of my students.  Below are some lessons that I created after being inspired by other school counslors.

Test Taking Strategies 

I loved the test taking foldable created by the  Every year we have a new theme for test taking and this year our theme was based around technology and twitter.  We had twitter birds up in the ceiling with positive test taking tweets that students created.  Teachers also created tweets to send encouraging messages about test taking.  I created the test taking apps and created a poster for each teacher to use in their classroom.  I took this picture on my ipad after I created the app pictures.  

How Do You Handle?

As a school counselor I feel that people expect you to know everything about everything especially how to deal with students that are disruptive or angry and the list goes on.  I have had the opportunity to hear the behavior doctor, Dr. Riffel speak and she is a wonderful resource.  The first time I heard her speak was at a PBIS workshop.  I thought that she offered practical strategies and I talked to my principal about getting her to come speak at my school for one of our professional developments.   My principal was able to get Dr. Riffel to come to our professional development and overall the staff enjoyed the presentation.  

The website offers strategies for dealing with all types of behavior and the best part is that everything on the site is free.  Some of my favorites on the website:
  • The calming videos are good videos to use when students come back from recess, lunch or even a good way to start off the day.  
  • I like the CSI worksheet and I use this when stduents are sent to me because they displayed a negative behavior and teachers want me to talk to them about the behavior.  I use this along with the appropiate social story. 
  • The social stories.
There are so many wonderful things on this website that you have to check it out for yourself!

Books, Books, and More Books

If you are not already following Magination Press on Pinterest then you need to start today!  Magination Press has books categorized by topics.

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