Sunday, November 3, 2013

Student Leaders

Every school year I have a student leadership council made up of fifth grade students.  Teachers recommend students that they feel will make good leaders.  The student leaders serve as Safety Patrols and help with various community service projects.  Prior to the beginning of the school year I host a student leadership day in which students participate in team building activities and learn about the qualities of a good leader. The event is held from 9 until 3 and I provide lunch for all of the students.  

Teambuilding Games:
Taste of the Rainbow
Students had to use the assistance of their teammates to place skittles on the right color paper.

Cotton Hockey
Students had to use straws in order to get cotton balls into a bowl.

Build a Playground
Students were given masking tape, straws, play doh, yarn, pipe cleaners, and paper clips to build a playground.  Students had fifteen minutes to complete this task.  Below are the completed projects.

Leaders are like superheroes:  Students developed a superhero with qualities that would make a good leader. 

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