Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Liberty and Learning for All

I just came back from the ASCA conference and I am feeling so energized! 

Top ten things that I loved, learned, or inspired me this year.

10. I need to get a business card. I was talking with a district supervisor from Richmond, Virginia and he asked a lot of questions about my program. He asked me for my business card and I did not have one. I later learned that I can get business cards from my county for free.
9. I need to do the treasure hunt every year at the exhibit hall. This was my first year doing the treasure hunt and I won a gift card to North Face. Thanks to for sponsoring that gift.
8. I went to a session on integrated curriculum and I learned additional ways to integrate the counseling curriculum with other subjects. This will be especially important with the common core.
7. Every year I have a student that touches him/herself inappropriately or other people. I found this book that I think will be a great resource to help these students.
6. I went to the create a vision for your kids session and created my own vision board. I am going to have my 5th graders create vision boards and relate it to their goals. If you can physically see what you want then you are more likely to achieve that goal.
5. In the solution focused approach to anger management I learned a lot about myself as I did a psychoanalyst using a walk in the woods. You forget how beneficial this can be as you get to know or understand a student.
4. This is the first year that more than 2 people including myself attended the conference. It was nice to connect and get to know my colleagues.
3. Chef Jeff's story was such an inspiration and made you realize that dreams can come true. He made me look at how I talk to kids about careers. The question should be what is your American dream and how are you going to go about making the dream a reality.  He also talked about who you aspire to be,finding role models, and learning about how they became successful and modeling yourself after them.
2. There is so much technology that can be used with kids or to help make life easier.
Book Crawler Lite- you can categorize your books by scanning the bar code
Create Comix- you can have students create their own comic books
Live Binder-instead of having lots of binders and no place for storage create your own online binder with this site - has relaxing music, landscapes, and colors to help relax
1. This is my third conference and I always travel alone. This year my former intern Charlee went with me and we had a great time at the conference. I enjoy working with interns because you can learn so much from them. Interns are eager to learn and soak up everything like a sponge and share all of this new learning with you. She describes me as a travel guide and companion in one. I describe her as a wealth of new knowledge and energy! 

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