Saturday, March 23, 2013

Passionate School Counselor

When I started thinking about creating a blog I thought about the roles of a school counselor.  I wrote down all of the roles and responsibilities that are associated with my job.  After I created my list I began to create the name for my blog....Passionate School Counselor.  So what exactly does that mean?
Preventive - School Counselors go into classrooms to do guidance lessons in order to be preventive and teach social skills, problem solving skills, and many other topics.
Academic- School Counselors help students by running academic skills groups, help with transitions into kindergarten and middle school, test taking strategies, and how to be a better student.
Support- School Counselors support and partner with Pupil Personal Workers, Teachers, Social Workers.
Individual- School Counselors meet with students for academic goal setting, personal/social issues.
Organized- When I think about the organization that it takes to run groups, schedule classroom guidance lessons, career day, and the list goes on, I could not go without mentioning organized.
Nurture and Develop- Children need us to help them to develop into positive and respectful citizens.
Advocate- School Counselors advocate for all students.
Team Player- In order to make the best educational decisions for students everyone in the school must work together.
Educate- School Counselors not only educate students, but teachers and the community.

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